Gospel Nuggets

I Most Surely Believe!!!

Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us.
[Luke 1:1]

There are things we believe.

There are those also we surely believe.

And then, there are those which we most surely believe!

The things we most surely believe are the bedrock of our convictions. They are what propel us to think, talk and function like we do.

You can always tell a person’s convictions by the kind of fruits he bears. For convictions are like seeds planted deep and unseen beneath the ground, but which produce specific types of fruits that can be seen, touched, smelt and even eaten.

At the expression of such fruit of thoughts, words and actions, you can tell what seeds of convictions a person sowed. You can tell what words he has been speaking in the quiet with himself…you can tell what Reality he distilled his convictions from.

What do you most surely believe?

Are they distilled from the Reality in Christ?

Permit me to share with you three things I most surely believe:

  • I most surely believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • I most surely believe that a man’s association with the Holy spirit is the secret to success
  • I most surely believe in the Word of Faith! Romans 10:8

Remember! The things you most surely believe will define the framework of your mind. This is the monolith that should stand unshakeable throughout all the assaults of the storms of this life.



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