Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

I see the entire of human history moving towards its prophecy foretold ending. Little by little, the grindings of the stone of Truth is eroding into and taking the dominance of the entire stage of human history. To the eye looking and searching, we discern the unveiling of truth…the seals being broken and following, the manifestations of their written content thereof. 

In tandem with this, I believe that following the full restorations of the “lights” once lost by the church, there will come the era of the “fanning into flames”. Herein, the sovereign word of God shall rule and have the preeminence in the midst of the Church like has never been seen or experienced before. Indeed the world shall be embraced also, as it stands stupefied when it sees among the children of God, the display of Heavens wisdom and strengths.

That era, shall be characterized by a “pronounced” manifestation of the living word; men shall see and experience the full weight of glory at the unveiling of the Living Word in Christ…the veil of the senses shall be pierced and torn down; the sword of the spirit shall rule mightily as it unites into monolithic oneness the twin blades of faith and reason. At such a time, no problem plaguing humanity shall remain unsolved…for nothing shall be able to resist the power of His Spirit at work in His children! His Word shall rule in absolute sovereignty!

It would be at this epoch in church history that the hidden sublime truths of Revelation 12 will be made manifest- the “man-child” will be born and “caught up to the throne of Heaven”….here, the principle of the remnant will be clearly discerned; and with its ushering in, the oil of midnight will have burned long enough….the day of His advent intrusion will be ticks away in the time-frame of the world’s perception…

Then shall we cease to whisper and begin to shout…
Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus come!


“For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.”
Psalms 74:12


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