1 John

Greater is the power in us…[Part 1]

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world –  1 John 4:4

Against all the onslaught of the hordes that make the arm and power of darkness…against all the deception from the highest places of principalities sworn to the Prince of Darkness himself…against all this seeming impressive and unstoppable force, stands the burning light of the new creation.

The child of God is the fire of light un-snuffed, unquenchable…ever blazing in the midst of a cosmos whose deposed tyrant still seeks to make the last of a dying effort to bend multitudes into his thralldom.

It is to this telling portrait that we must turn, if we are to take import of the words ministered in this verse. For many wonder and continue to wonder. Many still ask whether the defeated foe can be kept under the heel of the new creation. Many still walk in fear as they see the march of the hordes of darkness…how swell it seems their ranks…how foul and of great destructive force, it seems their weapons are. It is to this portrait that we turn to; in our world today.

The voice of the Helper whispers to the child of God as he stands in the midst of the storm of deceptions whipped up by darkness. The Holy Spirit speaks. He says “you are of God! You have overcome them…Greater is me in you than all that is in the world!!”



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