Musing on revelation….nothing like the power of the Holy Spirit!

Divine revelation really has no receptacle in the man outside Christ…to such a man, the unfolding and unveiling of the “fellowship of the mystery” registers no spark of Reality or Truth. This is how come many of such outside Christ still do not believe and thus cannot function in the realm of reality that transcends the physical senses and carnal intellect and crowns the Word of God in absolute sovereignty! The man outside Christ has to be born again! 

The things of His divine Oracle are communicated to His Elect…His Ecclesia…in a spiritual language- a seeming esoteric communication that the “un-learned” would be entranced into confusion by.

Therefore we fall on the Helper.
There is nothing like the power of the Holy Spirit…no atmosphere more congenial for the ministration of the Gospel of Grace and the inviting Love of God like that charged by His manifest presence…..Thank you, Holy Spirit for Your Helping Ministry…as we partner with You to execute the purposes of the Lord Jesus Christ; even to bring all men into Christ and make all men see! 

Like a dry and parched land, our world today has great need to be deluged by the rivers of living waters. Many are thirsty…many are parched and seeking….many need to be lifted. This is the need that must propel us to always function in the light of 1 Peter 4:10&11… that we learn to move in all the effulgence of the Helper….that we bask in His light always…that we embrace, to the fullest, His Helping Ministry!



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