Look to His WORD for light!

The Word brings light.
It breaks the influence and dominion of darkness- paralyzing it, and decanting it of its ability to influence.

In the unveiling of the Word of God to a yielding heart, is the rampaging of the force and influence of darkness. There is only one answer to the world’s moaning cries of yearning and longing for release, liberation and meaning- THE WORD OF GOD! 

Our world has the greatest need today to be bathed in the light of the living Word. The pressing urgency of our day is the need for the breaking of the hold of deception over the spirit and souls of people- the word of God is the only answer!

It must be His Word communicated by His ambassadors…them to whom He has placed His anointing and crowned as it were with tongues of fire; to pull down and then build up; casting down any imagination, idea, thought, deception or stronghold that seeks to exalt itself above the excellency of the knowledge, wisdom and Kingdom agenda of Jesus Christ.

The Word- spoken by anointed lips of faith- unleashes the full force of Divinity to bear on any situation. It is in the light of this truth that the new creation exercises His kingdom and priestly mandate in Christ!



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