Seek God….Share His Light

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts – Psalm 10:4

There is a certain kind of man who walks with pride as the telling veneer over his countenance. It is heavily layered into all aspects of his being…it drives him to walk the path of selfishness. It blinds him and causes him to fall into the delusion that he is the center of his world…that he is the sum of it all…that he is the fixed point of reference to it all. How gravely mistaken this man is. How terribly deep into error he has fallen! How heavily conceited in pride he is blinded!

It is from this twisted perspective of vanity and pride that this man refuses to seek God. By the darkness he has willingly shackled himself to by pride, he is propelled down the path that removes God from his thoughts…and maroons him on the lifeless islands of selfishness, pride, wickedness and avarice.

He does not seek God. God is not in any of his thoughts! How wretched a life to live! Removed from the fountain of Life Himself…separated from the infinite arms of agape…estranged from His Grace…ignorant of His power…such a man is inundated by need; such a man must be pursued by the vessels of love until he is apprehended! 

Is it not true that our world is peopled with many such “kinds of men”?
Who will share the light of the fire of truth as it is found in Christ?
And pull “such men” out from the caving chasm that seeks to keep God away from their thoughts; and enslave them perpetually in the cruelty of darkness.



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