Our trust is in His Name!

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You;
For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You – Psalm 9:10

Have you awakened to His name?
Have you come to truly know the name of the Lord Most High?
For it is revelation into His name that ushers a person into that dimension which sees the supply from the throne of Heaven, and the power of His Grace and Mercy…and the soundless depths of His Love tangibly discerned!

His name Brings supply!
His name is Father! Abba! Source of all supply!
By His name, we are inundated with all supply in Christ;
By His name we are made accepted as the Beloved;
By His name, we know when we speak He hears us…he speaks back to us in answer.

His name brings Light!
His is the only name by which a man, trapped in the bowels of darkness, can truly come to liberty…it is only by His name!
His name unshackles the minds of men from “slavish and beggarly” frames of references unto the glorious liberty of the children of God.

His name is the bringer of that sublime light wherein a man truly reposed, has rest…even the rest found in Christ; stripped away from the prancing menacing fears and uncertainties of our day…lifted into the securities of Heaven; with the Lord Jesus Christ as surety…with the very throne of God staked to back every word of promise!
We have put our trust in His name!

His name is power!
By its authority, we trample upon all the devices of the enemy.
In His name, we weather every difficult situation and still every contrary storm…
In His name we heal every infirmity and continue to walk the higher road of divine health. In His name we stay the hand of the devastating darkness and break free from its grip multitudes enslaved therein…

We know His name…we trust in His name!
He has never forsaken us… “He won’t start now”!

Glory to God!


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