Our substitute – Our Savior Jesus Christ!

And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage – Hebrews 2:15 

What defines everything at variance with the essence, person, kingdom and throne of God? ….

It is the spirit, realm and influence that was formed as a corollary to Lucifer’s rebellion from Life. Lucifer was under its influence until Adam sinned; it was then that he usurped the throne of Adam in the second heaven. This throne was mandated by God to rule over the realm and influence of death. Thus by usurping the throne of Adam in the second heaven, Lucifer came to legally possess the authority of death (and hell as this was the spiritual location that defined the borders of death). Selah

By falling from the second Heaven, Adam became a victim to the Usurper who wrought in Adam all concupiscence using the influence of sin and death. And thus was an entire race sold up into slavery to Death….thus was an entire race to live constantly in legitimate fear of its rampaging master. Death reigned and sin with it – without restraint- over all of Adam.

This was so until the last Adam showed up. Our sin substitute – Our Savior Jesus Christ- having died descended to hell where Lucifer was seated. It is here that the epic battle was staged and Lucifer stripped off all his authority.

Thus it is writ in the sacred pages “I am He who was dead and behold is alive forever more and have the keys of death and hell”.

By spoiling Lucifer, He spoilt Death. By spoiling Death he has made available to all men a new kind of life – even the God kind of life which holds the promise of mastery over the influence of death; today by the faith of Christ, and then for eternity after the second advent. Selah.

Hence today we may boldly walk in defiance of death….we may sincerely live our lives outside the shadow of its fear. O what glorious opportunity!

Thank you Lord Jesus!

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