Awakening · Poesy

When conviction visits…

When conviction visits and imprints our hearts with a cause
When within is sparked into flames, conflagrations of unquenchable fire
When we burn with desire to change our world
To inscribe our names upon the watery tables of human history
To influence the tides of the seas of thought for many generations to come

Shall we not answer with a resounding affirmative?
Shall we not rid ourselves of the dross contaminating our gold?
Shall we not make it our pursuit to execute the King’s highest agenda?
And rely on His strength, keeping steady on His visions
And draw always from the wells of His supply

Who shall whisper then to the many blessed with beautiful minds
Who shall tell them who carry Divinity in their spirits
Who shall point the way to go; for them who call Deity their Helper
May His Wisdom from above continue to be our endowment
May His Light ever make infinite our vision through the powerful lenses of faith

We have been placed on the concrete floors of certainty in Christ
We have been rooted in the unshakeable grounds of Truth in Christ
We have been lifted into the most sublime heights of authority in Christ
This is true!
Look! We have come to change our world!


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