Awakening · Poesy

The truest gem…

Tell the travelers and explorers of this dispensation
Tell them who have yielded to the throne of the FirstBorn
Tell them who have seen visions of the spirit in fiery furnaces of affliction
Tell them who have the sure presence of the fourth man with them…
even the Lord Most High

In silence and singleness of purpose…
Build momentum in that straight trajectory
Do not change course. Stay the path. Be faithful to the Heavenly vision.
Let your vision be one, let your strength and passion be united…
Even unto monolithic oneness

Then your light shall break forth in dazzling radiance.
Then Wisdom shall be heard always from your lips.
Then honor shall become the staff in your hand.
Then you shall rule with the scepter of righteousness…
Even unto the unfolding of the ages

For the truest gem is to fulfill the purposes of the King
For our generation today, to enter into the fullest dimensions of Heaven’s agenda
Shall we not announce this; shouting on the roof tops
Tell the saints and children of God; Let the inspiration of His Spirit be your steadfast guide…even the Word of Truth!



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