Annals of the Kingdom – VII

It is a striking revelation that visits the careful student of scripture in its sacred record of the fall of Adam. The Book of Genesis Chapter 3 is carefully precise in its telling narration. When God created Adam, he was born into the realm of spiritual authority over the earths reaches. Adam lived and moved and had his being positioned in the Word ruled realm of the spirit where his perception of reality was primarily defined by the things not seen with the optical eyes but that unveiled to his heart at the revelation of the Word.

In the light of this posturing, Adam reckoned the reality of the unseen God and without effort was moved to walk in fellowship with the creator. It is writ that Adam daily fellowshipped with the Voice of the Lord God in the cool of the Garden of Eden. He lived in the Word ruled realm of the Spirit!

The fall of Adam resulted not only in a change in his nature but also a change in his location. Man fell from the Word ruled realm of the spirit to the flesh ruled realm of the senses; and has since suffered the corruption of delusion under the sway of the senses. Under this realm the question of reality has greatly been distorted drowning man in the quagmire of ignorance, darkness and deception.

It was under the crimson skies of this realm that Lucifer took captive the throne of the second heaven usurping the authority of man and legally becoming the “god” of this world; using this seat of authority in unbridled selfishness and hatred to work all forms of concupiscence in Adam.

The entire history of fallen man bears testimony to this. The chilling record of man’s depravity under the influence of Lucifer. The rule of vice, the disregard of righteousness, the intoxication of evil as good was repeatedly snuffed out and banished.

And then the intrusion of Light! The incarnation of Jesus. His earthly walk of love. His vicarious suffering and death for all of mankind. His glorious resurrection and ascension- after defeating the prince of darkness and stripping him off authority…the re-instating of the second man on the throne of heaven…the miracle of the new birth for all of humanity…and the glorious unfolding of His purpose yet to be experienced in the eternal ages to come…Glorious thoughts! Glorious things! Glory to God!

The annals of the kingdom must be written!
Where are the instructed scribes who shall “ink with the spirit” the successive unfolding of the scrolls?
Dear Reader, hear His Spirit minister to your heart today! Will you give yourself to the agenda of the King?
Will you yield fealty to the Lord Jesus Christ?!



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