Annals of the Kingdom – VI

It was judgment that visited the pristine order of the first creation. Judgment came as a result of its ruler’s transgression against the Word of the Eternal King. The King’s judgment was for the rebel to be cast into the lake of fire and tormented, until the execution of his final judgment by the ruler of the earth realm. Since the rebel was the just deposed ruler of the earth realm, it was decreed that he should be bound in the darkness beneath the earth reaches till the new king over the earth’s heaven executed his final judgment. 

It is said that pride consumed the heart of the “morning star” and drowned him in the abyss of selfish ambition. Blinded by his desire to sit in the highest heaven, he was moved to instigate a rebellion against the Eternal King. He wooed the hearts of many other pure beings to join in his mutiny, but alas it was short lived. For by the breadth of the Almighty He was consumed together with His hordes and cast down from his throne in the first heaven to the realm of darkness beneath the earth reaches. There it was decreed for him to be shackled by chains of darkness and reserved to be consumed by the influence of death till the time came for the final execution to the letter of the Eternal King’s judgment.

In hell, Lucifer became twisted and marred by Death, the warden of Hell. Words will fail to describe the gamut of corruption visited on the son of the morning; this fuelled his rage against the King and against all who stood as His beloved. When Lucifer saw Adam and heard the Divine mandate given to him, he knew his end had really come. He concluded that the only way to avert the final judgment was to usurp the throne that was mandated to execute that divine decree. 

To this task, he devoted all the powers of his being; he crafted a deceitful plan and executed it with daring panache. The scriptures record his crafty intrusion into the serenity of the garden and his tactful engagement of the woman at the foot of the tree of good and evil. The conversation which ensued was laced with the deadly poison of deception and presented as fruit edible for consumption unto godly edification.

The arch-deceiver made his mark; for the woman was deceived and transgressed. Adam could not bear living by himself with the gulf created between himself and his wife following her transgression. He decided to be at his wife’s side. He willingly chose to transgress; he was not deceived. 1 Timothy 2:14

By his fall, he unhinged himself from the plans and purposes of God and became a rebel just like Lucifer. He became numbered among the adversaries of the Eternal King. Thus it is writ that by the transgression of one man all were made sinners….the whole world of Adam became sin. Sin ceased to be just the influence that reigned with darkness; sin became the nature of fallen man in Adam.

And in the wake of this fall, Infinite Wisdom still saw a way to accomplish His eternal agenda…..thus we continue to speak in wonder, of redemption today.



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