O marvel at the beauty of His Works!

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars, which You have ordained… – Psalm 8:3

Where are the “wonderers” of this age?
Where are those who take time to ponder and consider the works of our heavenly Father?
Where are those who connect into the hidden scripts of marvelous creation?
Where are them who point all others to God the Creator, making testimony with the work of his fingers and the order he has established?

It seems ours is the anti-God, anti-Creation generation that vehemently denies the author of the universe against such a great constellation of evidence He has made available to all of mankind. For where shall we turn to that is not painted with the attributes and colors of the divine mind? From the smallest insignificant organism to the very complex man and the entire universe, we see order, we see intelligent design, we see purpose…we see the unveiled hand of the creator. The view is like an inspired speaker once intimated: In diversity, we see universally the finger of God in all of creation!

God is the Creator of the entire worlds.
He is its source and the one who shaped it to take form.
I believe that the truly unbiased mind, when removed from the shadow of shallow philosophies, shall be able to take in all the beauty and wonder of the created order. And shall come to the conclusion that indeed all of creation is writ with the finger of God!

Chance and time are no gods! They cannot create anything. In all of human history, as far as we can reckon, chaos is the offspring of time and chance…beauty and order does not leap into being by chance…it takes an intelligent mind, and a steady hand and a committed heart to create a thing of beauty. In tandem with this conclusion, it is but a simple turn unto acknowledgement of the Creator King whose works of creation are a constant wonder to hearts and minds opened wide.



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