He has established strength in us!

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings
You have ordained strength,
Because of Your enemies,
That You may silence the enemy and the avenger – Psalm 8:2

Glory to God!

Shall we not see this scripture fulfilled in us?
Is it not true that as if we were… “babes and sucklings”….even new creations today, He has ordained in us strength? For the child of God is called to demonstrate the full load of the divine abilities. By uttering power filled words on lips of faith, is the child of God not ordained with the strength of Divinity? 

Today, the new creation walks as the executor of the will and power of God.
Today, we look through the veil into the grander purposes of God and as we see with eyes anointed to discern, we make it our purpose also to yield fully to the heavenly visions.

Then we take of His mighty ability and tear down all opposition against the execution of His divine will….we tear down any high place that exalts itself above the excellency of the name of Jesus; we paralyze any agenda that aligns itself against the revealed purposes of our King…we pull down strongholds and raze down the towers of iniquity….all in the power of His name and by the ability of His Spirit!

And then, where there is darkness, we command the reign of Light.
Where there is tyranny and injustice, we arrive as the bringers of the Kings justice. Where there is anguish and fear we banish the contrary winds and declare peace be still! O Hallelujah!

For where the enemy reigns, we have shown up in a time and place like this to tame the enemy and subdue the adversary…in the name of Jesus, by the Word of His Testimony and by the power of the Holy Spirit!

O let this generation see the fullness of this scripture fulfilled.

Glory to God!

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