1 John

We carry His nature…we love our brethren…always!

We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. 1 John 3:14

Agape is the transcending principle. Agape is the divine fruit that is tangible evidence of the new life and nature refreshingly pulsating in the new creation. Agape is the life of God! 

Agape has a source. It has a vessel. It has an object of its love.

Agape is sourced from God; the Father. He is Love…Infinite in expressions…soundless in depths…limitless in forbearance. It is from the Father of Love that we are birthed…from the Heavenly light above…we were born again. Of His life and nature, we have come to fully partake of…He is love!

We carry His nature. We are Love. We are Agape. We have traversed from death into life…because we are born of Agape Himself…we carry now the force of Agape too in our spirits. We are now truly alive in the realm of Life. 

Agape has a vessel. We are its vessels. The new creation carries the fullness of Deity in his spirit. He carries on the inside the infinite oceans of relentless, soundless, limitless agape on his inside. The church of new creations has become the vessel through which Agape shall be poured out without limit to this our dying world. We are vessels of Love. We give love to all men; poured out constantly in our thoughts, words and actions. We minister agape to our brethren too…bearing all, enduring all, believing all…lifting all….always!

Agape has an object of its love. To its left the entire world of fallen Adam, and to its right the entire limits of the body of Christ. We love all…because He first loved us! We especially love the brethren because we see in every new creation the face of our Lord…for we are indeed members of His very flesh and bones. Selah.

We love the brethren. We have ceased to walk in the realm of death…we are cloaked from the inside out with the fire of His love and life…even agape which is its most tangible expression!

See, how we love the brethren!


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