1 John

We carry the fragrance and graces of Heaven

Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you – 1 John 3:13

How true it is…this loathing the world has for the sons of light. Jesus said their deeds are evil and of darkness…therefore they cannot comprehend the light and instinctively they hate what they cannot understand. The world is held under the sway of the prince of darkness whose animosity for the beautiful people of Zion is translated through myriad means by the world to the people of God.

We should not be surprised at the posturing of the world. We should not be taken aback at their perception of us. We are the people of God….we carry the fragrance and graces of Heaven…we carry the seed and expressions of Deity…we are different inside out. Our lofty position in Christ shall invite the selfish eyes of men; they shall seek to question and mock the convictions distilled from Christ to which we hold dearest. They shall argue to make us look like hypocrites…they shall say we are no different from them…they shall claw and cavil and dish out hatred in varied ways to the ministers of God and the faithful of Christ. As the master himself was treated, so shall his servants be…for the servant cannot be greater than the master in this regard. Selah

May our hearts never be troubled by the angry faces of the world. May our hearts never waver and back down at the constant opposition we face in our quest to minister the gospel of Grace. May we stay true to our convictions and the dictates of the Holy Spirit! May we hear His voice always minister to us the Truth.

Marvel not at their enmity…they cannot tell it plain but they sure can sense it, we are set to rule them nations in eternity with the First Born.



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