1 John

To this command we have no excuse to default

For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another – 1 John 3:11

Perhaps no theme is stressed as much, for the new creation and the family he belongs to now, as Love. The admonition repeatedly conveyed is for us to love one another. It is the song most sung, the note most strung…the ideal most lifted!

For we have been called to Love as Jesus Christ loved us.
We have been asked to “agape” all; especially the brethren…them who belong to the same household of faith as we do. 

To this command we have no excuse to default. For Deity has equipped us with all it takes to walk consistent with the command to love. Glory to God!

We are born of God; the nature of sin is destroyed.
We walk under the banner of His Love…selfishness is drowned.
We are supplied with His Wisdom…we know what to do…when to do…how to do it!
We are energized by His strength…we have ability always to love…independent of the odds; we have strength that never fails!

Glory to God!

Who has awakened to the splendor of this light?
Is it not them who have no other rule but the singular commandment “to love”?
Shall we not immerse ourselves into utmost soundless obedience to His word?
Child of God, let us love one another even as He has loved us and continues to love us.



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