In His glorious Name, we are shielded!

My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart – Psalms 7:10

I believe there is no name mightier in defense than the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For the new creation man, we can boldly say that we have a sure and absolute defense in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the mighty throngs of angels who attend us.

In the light of this truth, I believe there is no adversary too strong for us. No situation too mighty to consume us. No flood or deluge too overwhelming to drown us. No fire or conflagration too hot to singe us. In the name of Jesus we have found our high and mighty tower! Let us abide therein!

It is as we truly live in the light of this truth that we shall learn to tame and disable fear from our being. For can fear have mastery in a being totally impregnated with the power of the name of Jesus? Absolutely no!

The voice of fear and uncertainty shrivels in the midst of the mighty power and presence of God in us! The assaults of darkness fail against the armor of light we are concealed in…the battering rams of darkness shall not prevail. No! Not against the high and mighty walls of righteousness in Christ. No! Not against the sublime wisdom and strength of divinity at work in us! Glory!

O Child of God…upright in Christ, do not therefore be moved to fear and worry and uncertainty when you see the gathering darkness. Do not lose sleep over it. Do not lose your composure and fall from the seat of equanimity. Do not; there is no such need!

For you have an impregnable and absolute defense in Christ.
In His glorious name, you are shielded. You shall not be touched by the fingers of the evil one…you are well preserved by mightier forces for kingdom testimony and agenda!

Glory to God!


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