righteous of self or righteous of God

The LORD shall judge the people: judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me – Psalm 7:8

Perhaps this is an unwise thing to say; perhaps it is not entirely so. I wonder. Perhaps it is a careless abandonment of ones self on the faithfulness of God…I wonder. This statement tickles my understanding. This phrase “my righteousness” requires some elucidation. Who shall ask the Lord to judge him according to His righteousness? What righteousness can make such a demand on Infallible Justice?

Is it the righteousness of man?
That which a man wears upon himself sewn from the foliage of his deeds?
A righteousness that is defined by man…changing with the times and persons…impure, unholy, sourced from a corrupted spirit…unworthy in the sight of God; it is as filthy rags before Him. Is this the righteousness that dares bid the Judge of the whole earth pass his judgment?

Or is it the righteousness of God Himself!
The very same of which the new man is born with in Christ. It is the very life and nature of God; the kind of righteousness that is, and cloaks, the second man Jesus Christ. It comes with ability to walk its narrow and straight paths of power. It is the keeper and expression of Agape.

Such righteousness of God is the only kind that can speak to the Infallible Judge of the whole earth and demand justice. For such a man with the righteousness of God, He reckons that his righteousness is not of himself. It is of God; it is the reason he stands unashamedly so…irreproachable and blameless in the sight of Deity.

O dear reader, what kind of righteousness do you possess?


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