1 John

Make this hope yours…let it be the reason…

And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure- 1 John 3:3

Let us stand on the higher pedestal of light and take in the panoramic view that sweeps all of time and indeed history into the parousia of the king.
Let us make this hope ours and let us be consumed in its fiery flames.
Let this hope purify us as it propels us into the reality of His advent and steadies our will to walk firm; constantly leaning on the staff of His righteousness. Selah

Let us remember these words: “He who has this hope purifies himself even as He is pure!”
Let this be the reason we walk in holiness; because we have this hope alive in our hearts!
Let this be the reason we must say No to the wiles of sin and darkness!
Let this be the reason we endure the persecutions and sufferings of the righteous that when He comes we may be counted faithful and worthy to see Him….to attain the first resurrection and be numbered among the first fruits of His Kingdom advent and intrusion…Glory to God! O that we may be to the praise of Him who first trusted in Christ! 

Beloved, do you know of the King’s advent?
Do you believe in His second coming?
Do you have this hope in your heart?
Has it propelled you into walking in His righteousness and functioning in His Holiness?

What is your response to this hope?!


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