Each morning you bend to listen…Thank You Lord!

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up – Psalm 5:3

Heavenly Father

As the sun rises up today in its strength, I lift up my Voice and give you thanks. I say Glory to your Name. I say thank you for all supply. I say thank you for the cloaking of Grace and the firm foundation of liberty; I say thank you O glorious Father for your sovereign Word that rules in all preeminence in all our affairs. Yours is the Kingdom…even the power and glory forever! Selah

I bask in your supply today. The reign of Light that dispels every web of darkness. In you, we have found our sure anchor. In you we walk in the higher rarefied planes of heavens wisdom and strength. Thank you Father.

We stand in your light today; we pledge utmost allegiance and devotion to you – now and always. We bow our knees in complete submission to your Spirit. We declare the Lord Jesus Christ our banner and standard. We yield ourselves to executing your Kingdom agenda today. You are our Helper! You alone!

For we reckon the indelible transformation in us as we fellowship with your Word in your presence. As we see in your light, we become light…even your light! Selah. Thank you for opportunity to live in your colors of love. Thank you for all supply…that we should be all that you have declared of us…

Beloved Father, we look up to you; we look in to you. 
Your person and presence in us. Your throne in the highest heavens…
Our place is that of the Beloved, to whose lips you bend to listen, when we direct our prayer unto you.

Thank you, Blessed Father!


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