Set apart & always connected

But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly;
The Lord will hear when I call to Him. Psalm 4:3

To what end should we live godly and righteous in an age where many elements of society have been distilled from the ungodly principles of selfishness, mammon and iniquity. See, how the godly man is daily vexed in his soul as he battles every day in spiritual warfare to take captive all the thoughts, philosophies and imaginations of the hearts of men that exalt themselves against the righteousness of God…that seek to make pronouncements at variance with the excellency of the knowledge found in Christ.

In this age of deception, the godly man is God’s champion of truth…God’s vessel of honor; the godly is the one set apart unto the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ…to see His purposes executed and His grand eternal agenda realized. Selah

Let us know this! As many of us who have purposed in our hearts to live absolutely for the King…to live entirely walking in His light…and on his path… and invigorated by His power! such as are numbered among this righteous throng – the faithful saints of the church of the firstborn…let us know this: the Lord has set us apart for himself; it is He who hears us when we call unto Him…it is He who is our God…our Father and all- sufficient supply!

Therefore, let us know this: when we lift up our voice in prayer unto Him…He hears us and he speaks back in answer! See, Beloved, His Word is true…let it rule in all sovereignty in every sphere of your life! Let prayer be our steadfast connection to our Liege Lord…let it come to us as easily as we take in breath….In silence often…with mouths abounding in praise constantly…and hearts girded and guided by His joy and peace…let us speak to Him who holds us dearest, and let us know this in all tangible expression: we are set apart for His purposes…He always hears us when we call!



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