there is none more worthy than this cause!

Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry.  Acts 17:16

Beloved, what provokes you to action? What stirs you to unrest and propels you in that trajectory fuelled by its passion? Does the Word of God move you? Does our society as it is today propel you for the cause of the kingdom? Does His Grace and Love seize you off that seat of apathy and drive you to be the kingdom ambassador you are in Him?

Beloved, let us be stirred to action by the right forces for the right cause! I believe there is none more worthy than the cause for the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus…the cause to make all men see; to bring the highest light of truth to shine brightest today.

I believe that to do so, we must be properly instructed into the mind and ways of God. We must embrace the fullness of the divine oracles…we must position ourselves to be deluged by its glorious power and translate that light into myriad colors for all peoples to see.

It is this light in our hearts that defines the nature of our response to the “different odors” of the world. It is this indwelling light that shall stir us up to godly action…when we see the injustice and inequity and vanity prevailing in our midst, the light of Truth shall swell up in our heart a provocation….a cause shall be birthed and we shall execute the King’s fiat with the sword of the spirit and the wisdom of the Highest. Selah

God is our Helper!


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