Hear His sublime decree unto us

I will declare the decree:
The Lord hath said unto Me,
Thou art My Son:
This day have I begotten You. [Psalm 2:7]

Glory to God!

These words…this beautiful words was whispered to Jesus that day He rose up from the dead…that day he was “declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead” Romans 1:4. Hallelujah! And I tell you, it is the same words the Father whispers to every new creation since…it is His declaration unto us that day we got born again!

Did you hear Him speak these words?
Have you written this truth upon your heart…upon your mind?
Are you awakened to the fatherhood of God?

The Lord has declared it! It shall not return to Him void!
The Lord has spoken it! It shall be unto you just as He said it!
Glory to God!

Child of God! He is our Father! He is Abba to as many that are born again and carry the seed of his life and nature…He is the source we are connected to, our very banner and abode…Glory to God! The creator and possessor of the heavens and earth has become our very Father!

And He has no shame towards us! He has said to us this truth that we may boldly tell the whole world also: see! I will declare the decree the father made that day I got born again! See I will tell it exactly the way I heard Him speak…for he said to me “You are my child! This day, you are born of me! You carry my life and nature; you shall execute my plans and purposes…you shall grow up into maturity and perfection and be my tangible expression for all men to see!”

Hallelujah! Thank you Wonderful Father!

We live only for you!


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