….but He who sits enthroned in the heavens laughs

He that sits in the highest heaven shall laugh.
The Lord shall hold them in derision. [Psalm 2:4]

There may be times within which we come face to face with the onslaught of themes and agendas against us; which same seek to slave us against our wills…so that we are not at liberty to pursue all the agenda of God for our lives.

Such times may come with storms that gather in the most unsettling manner. For all of sudden the light is banished and stillness of rest seized and replaced by the boisterous clapping of the thunder and the sickening flashes of the lightening. The winds pick up pace and blow against all that stands. They uproot trees of certainty…showering into your face the debris of uncertainty…they seek to make a show in force, that you should be cowered into submission…that you should tap out in surrender. Selah.

Against such an onslaught, “he that sits in the highest heaven shall laugh.” The new creation man seated with the Lord Jesus Christ in the highest heavens shall laugh! Because he knows this to be true: He is more that conqueror! Selah!

If the winds rise and the darkness creep in…if the arm of darkness reveal itself and the dizzying heights of adversity tower before us…if the screams of fear pierce through the stillness of the night and cause many to quake for want of peace and rest…if the voice of the archfiend speaks in the day of adversity and let all his hordes with him roar…

Let the child of God, in the face of all these, remain at peace in Christ. Let him laugh at them in derision with his Lord. For the Word spoken cannot be disannulled.
In Christ!
We are seated, far above all principalities and dominions.
In Him, we are seated on the very throne of all authority.
In Him!

Glory to God!


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