For the thinkers of this age

For the thinkers of this age, it is not far-fetched to often wonder about the substance and scope of truth. What makes its core? What makes its boundaries? Is it entirely logical? How is its knowledge obtained? What dimensions of perception does it embrace? What principles govern its expressions and reach? Selah.

I believe truth is one. Its expressions we fathom by knowing. Knowledge must be unified in itself as one; it must be consistent with every expression of itself. Its sphere is bounded by infinite frontiers that are indicative and reflective of its primary origins. For all truth originates from the eternal one whose name is the Lord Jesus Christ…in whom is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge! Selah

Truth cannot be at variance with itself; ergo knowledge of the truth must not be at variance with itself. Therefore, to position your mind to discover, understand and walk in all the fullest expression of the knowledge of Truth, it is imperative that we acknowledge the singularity sphere which unifies all expressions of truth. We must bridge the sense ruled world of perception and the faith ruled realms of Grace…we must seek to unify into amalgamated oneness the finite, and the infinite soundless depths of the world of the spirit within which resides the root and core of all knowledge. Selah

This posturing is key for the thinker in this age who seeks to prove the unity of all knowledge in itself…who seeks to make real all the ideas of his mind…for we know that man was made to walk this realm as its “god”…whose visions of “impossible possibilities” can be translated into the perceptive reality of this physical world. Selah

Herein is where we intimate the unity of the faith and reason…the one ruling and embracing the other; the other submitting and guided by the one…This, I say is the how to ascend the highest pinnacles of the towering heights of knowledge and truly come to be vested with the full spectrum of light; to know with divine insight; to perceive with god-like clarity; to walk with the fragrance of the divine life touching all. This is worth pursuing. This is the vision of perfection we find presented us in Christ!

Shall the thinkers of this age not be drawn by this powerful portrait presented? Shall they not be consumed with desire to pursue Him, in whom alone they are rightly positioned, to explore all the mysteries of the created order…even the Creator Himself? Truth! The knowledge of the Truth! This ought to be our highest and most sublime objective!

Let us heed the invitation of Truth Himself… “Come be filled! Come be known and know!” For this is the life He offers us in Himself…to come to a knowing of God; to come walk in fellowship with Deity unto oneness of mind and expressions.

See! Dear Reader, it is only in His light that we truly see light! Selah


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