1 John

Love not the world…[Part 2]

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.[1 John 2:15]

continuing from yesterday….

Therefore the admonition to love NOT the world is a call to walk in circumspection and with prudence; holding the staff of Wisdom in this darkness we call the world. It is a call to function from the abode of Light and be discerning enough in the Wisdom of God to choose right from wrong. It is a call to fashion the desires of our hearts after the theme songs of the Heavenly Vision…to delight in His Word; meditating therein always. It is a call to walk in the higher rarified planes of the perfect will of God. Selah! O let us discern and understand! Glory to God!

For when we are drawn by the cords of iniquity in the world to delight after its treasures, we reveal in ourselves the shallow depths of our rooting in the love of Christ. For the man who desires the “drink offerings” of the world has not fully awakened to the Love of God. Selah

The “break through” for such a man is entirely hinged to the ministration in power of the manifest love of God unveiled in the light of the face of Jesus Christ. No other intervention has the power to reorient the heart of a man tied to the strings of the worlds allure. This is Wisdom.

Shall we not be found obedient to this admonition?



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