1 John

Love not the world…[Part 1]

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.[1 John 2:15]

This is perhaps the most significant admonition to our generation. Our times have arguably seen the zenith of the “glories of the world” that highlights the hidden agenda of the kingdom and power of Lucifer. It has an allure…an almost irresistible charm that binds the senses not properly tutored; it captures and binds the mind not given to the saving power of the Gospel of Grace.

We have seen the hidden agenda of darkness displayed in the world’s popular culture themes. We have seen displayed, an anti-Christ philosophy hidden into the seams of the attire worn by them that fill the many learning halls of its myriad bodies and institutions that seek to expand the frontiers of rational thought and knowledge. It seems hidden…those deceptive seedlings of darkness’s ideas…that make unwholesome the entire portion. Selah

This is the world. It does not look black….for it is not black. It is a hue of grey on a spectrum closer to white than black. It may look right…it may feel right…it may sound right…But is not right because of the hand of the corruption of darkness hidden within its folds…constantly directing its course…declaring its ungodly creed…etching it upon unregenerate tables of stone. This is the world and its ruling theme.



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