But his delight….

But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night. [Psalm 1:2]

It is amazing how much we can sometimes tell about a person from his/her likes and desires. I realize that the things we delight in, serve as tangible measures of our hearts treasures. Dear Reader, what treasures remain stored up in your heart today? Remember this, they shall well up strongly in your desires and inclinations. Shall it be inclined to the kingdom agenda of our Lord Jesus Christ? Will it have been seized by mammon today? Or free with the liberty of the children of God to pursue higher heavenly ideals of earthly impact?

There is pressing need for the child of God to carefully fill his heart with the treasures that shall stir up in him, delight in the word of God. It stands especially vital in the face of a present world that constantly hurls storms of trials and temptations towards the people of God. For we are not ignorant of this…wherever we turn presently, we see the stained hand and imprint of darkness perverting much. Selah

When we turn to “music and culture” the world throws at us themes laced with the verbosity of darkness. When we turn to its fabled halls of learning we find hidden in its many seams the fruit of Lucifer’s deceptions. And many of the sons of God fall into the tempest distracted; suddenly failing to keep their eyes on the prize- who is our Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved, you are greatly helped! Selah

This is how the world has persuaded the hearts of many children of light to seek and fill their hearts with treasures hewn from the mines of selfish ambition and avarice. O let the people of God remove themselves from all such pursuits. Let the people of God place their first allegiance to the Word of Truth…let their delight be in the Word of God!

Let our objective remain the same; even too be eternally consumed by the brightness of the light of truth in Jesus Christ! Let this propel us to shun the vain and sensual delights of this world and garrison our hearts with purpose – filling it with the heavenly treasures of wisdom, virtue and light. Glory to God!

Therefore, we keep our delight in the Word of His Grace; we meditate on His Word always! We keep our gaze steady on His Word. We say to the world and its delights “I want nothing with you and from you…my delight is in the word of the Lord!”



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