The path “un-yielded”

Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; [Psalm 1:1]

Continuing from the post we put up yesterday…..

2.The path “un-yielded” to the scepter of righteousness; tearing down the seat of the scornful!

The wisdom of God has taught us that this life presents us with paths. This transient sojourn presents to us the need to make decisions…which path to take? Whose agenda to follow? Whom to kneel before as Lord? This choice must be made attended by the most serious heed.

The people of God must continue to make magnified to the world, the glorious path of righteousness in Christ. We must wage war on all other paths and must endeavor to take captive such thoughts, ideas and philosophies that presume to exalt themselves against the excellency of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The church today must make it a goal to see these other paths greatly de-populated. We ought to yield ourselves without restraint to be propelled by agape to the heights of ambassadorship for the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ….that we tell all men the gospel; that we make all men see!

For there remains today the broad path whose end is destruction…and many people are placing their feet on its stone cladded avenues. Too many live in our world today completely “un-yielded” to the scepter of righteousness…outside the revelation of Light that brings the reality of Jesus into a man’s heart.

Let our response be fuelled by the zeal of the Lord. Let us be keen on making known to such on this path, the glorious life and calling in Jesus Christ. Let us tell all people…there is no more need to continue hurting, no more need to continue being a slave to sin…to continue being ashamed and unloved and destitute! No more need in this dispensation of Grace!

The Father beckons to all with arms stretched out wide; Let us tell them on the broad path, of the power of our God in the mighty demonstrations of salvation and forgiveness and healings from the inside out. Selah

May our hearts as the blessed people of the Lord be stirred rightly to stand for righteousness in Christ; and see the paths “un-yielded” to its scepter subdued by its light; and the seat of the scornful laid waste by the power of Grace communicated most mightily by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Declare to the sojourners of this plain of life: “…stand not in the way of sinners; seat not in the seat of the scornful”.



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