who will do this work?!

Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; [Psalm 1:1]

1. The philosophy that denies Christ.

Our world today is presently teeming with many ideas distilled from the brackish waters of deception. Men, serving the purposes of darkness, seem to have decided the very frameworks of reference that define reality, justice, right and wrong. Such pawns of the archfiend have succeeded in molding the minds of too many that make the people fabric of our generations thought, ideals, priorities and principles.

Today, our world is bold in declaring philosophies that completely deny God. The seedling ideas of deception seem to have come to maturity and fruit bearing stage in this our present world.

For when we turn to politics, we see the reign of principles that deny God and by extension man as the image of God; and as a corollary, we see unleashed in that sphere of governance all sorts of concupiscence that make a mockery and travesty of governance…it has made men into slaves…it has brought the dignity of many to ashes.

And when we turn again to our institutions charged with the task to keep equity and realize the higher themes of justice what do we see? the infiltration of the cancer of corruption into much of its fabric…we see it become the market place of justice…wherein justice seems to be swayed by the weight of mammon…wherein justice has become a merchandise for sale to the highest bidder….Is this not all the result of the outworking of thoughts, philosophies, principles and actions that deny the reality of God and cast aside his sovereign word and rely instead on the whim and caprice of man?

Where else shall we turn to that is not a mockery of the divine principles and origins of man? Education? Social structure? The man made systems of mammon has soaked its blood stained teeth and talons into every sphere of significance. Man-in-Adam, has failed to set the objectives clearly…he has failed to keep the priorities straight. He has failed to keep the first objective with the ever changing tides of the world systems…man-in-Adam has failed to see through the veil. He has need for the veil to be removed. He has need to be born again!

These are the outworking of the philosophy that denies Christ. This is that which prevails in the world of unregenerate Adam. It has need for an overhauling. It has need for the impregnation of its bowels with the incorruptible word of truth…even the light of Grace as it is found in the Lord Jesus Christ! It has need to turn to the wisdom resplendent in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Who will answer…who will do this work?!

Let it be the spirit filled people of God who tend the vineyards of the souls of men.



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