who are the blessed people of the Lord?

Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; [Psalm 1:1]

There is, in this present chaos of our world today, a strange kind of people. They are born of God and carry the full load of the treasures of divinity on their inside. They submit to the sovereign word of God -faithful and true- it rules in all preeminence, in every sphere of their lives. These are the blessed people of the Lord!

They inhabit the realm beyond despair….they have transcended that valley…they live in eternal bliss in fellowship with Deity. Such a people walk with a spring in their step; for they constantly dance to the rhythms of Grace…and the harmonies of Love and the drum beats of Divinity’s power coursing through every fiber of their being. Glory!

Against adversity, they are winners. Yes, even more than conquerors! They are victors always! They have ceased to live in lower realms of victim-hood wherein many of their distant kin inhabit….No! Such a people abide in Christ wherein they live and move and have their being!

They function as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God; they wear the insignia of their Liege Lord. For they are heirs to the throne of Deity…joint heirs together with Christ…they shall be co-regents with the eternal King in the ages to come.

They are purveyors of Grace...keepers of the sacred lights of Truth…destroyers of death…banishers of darkness…adept swordsmen extremely skilled at wielding the sword of the spirit! They are instructed scribes of the heavenly courts in Light…they are the blessed people of the Lord!

Such a people have committed themselves to walking in the purest lights of His presence. Their heart desire and will of fire is to journey the path of righteousness even against all odds.

Therefore, they take captive the philosophies that deny Christ; they subdue all paths not yielded to the scepter of righteousness; they tear down the seat of the scornful that sneers at the supernatural and relegates outside the realm of reality the glorious kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are “the blessed people of the Lord”!



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