Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

all to You alone

Light of the World!

We commit to Your purposes today.
We yield our all to Your influence and purpose; that we should be the vessels of honor to execute all Your agenda for our generation. We thank You for Your wisdom resplendent in us; Your strength exemplified through us…Your banner greatly exalted in us!

We proclaim in Your glorious presence our allegiance to Your sovereign word. We exalt Your purposes above all the opinions of popularity presently pervasive all around us. We say “You alone art worthy”; therefore we bow our knees in humble adoration and lift up our hands and declare: Your will alone O Lord God! Your will alone is what we shall pursue…is what we shall execute! Thank You for the strength to stand for Your purposes against all odds in Your Name!

Teach us to step out of the boats of limitations and walk on the waters of impossibilities. Guided by Your hand, instructed by Your Word…stirred up with zeal by Your eternal fire ablaze in our hearts. We see as You see…in all the glorious possibilities of Your Grace. We walk as You walk…in all the splendor of Your Majesty. We speak as You do…in all the eloquence of Your divine Oracles. O Mighty God, we are greatly helped by Your infinite power!

Yours is the kingdom!
Yours is the power and glory!
All to You alone, King of Kings!

You are greatly exalted above all!


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