1 John

freely forgiven by the infinite power of Grace – [2]

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9

2. Faithful and Just to you? Yes! Entirely because He is Faithful and Just to His Word; which declares “their sins and iniquities I will forgive and remember no more.” Hebrews 8:12.

3. Cleanse you from all unrighteousness?
The Christian who sins does not cease to be righteous in nature because of that sin. No! Sin is not powerful enough to undo the new birth! God’s grace is stronger than sin!

The nature of righteousness the new creation carries is in his spirit and is insulated from all assaults of darkness and sin.
Scripture talks about expressions of this nature of righteousness. Scripture likens this to an outward linen garment worn by the new creation. Revelation 3:4; 19:8.

It is this “garment” that becomes stained with unrighteousness when the new creation sins. It is the mind of the new creation that becomes tainted with unrighteousness when he sins. Selah.
It is the power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse the “garment” from all unrighteousness and the conscience from the effect of sin so that it remains “unspotted”! James 1:27

This is the reason I believe that the experience of the Christian should not stunt how far he can grow in Christ. The Blood of Jesus is powerful enough!
I have seen too many children of God who think that because they have committed a certain sin, they can’t ascend the lofty heights in Christ. O boy! Let us feast in the power of the light of this truth today and learn to walk in the liberty of the sons of God!
I love that word… “unspotted”. You can go through fire….yea hell itself and still be purged whole by the Blood of Jesus….so much so that there will be no telltale signs that you ever went through the fire! This is the power of the Blood of Jesus! Selah

Your background of sin should not hold you back from entering into and fulfilling all the purposes of God for your life! Your background of poverty should not stop you from being a giver….because the Blood purges your conscience and makes you free to fulfill all the will of God. The “immature Christian” who fornicates, when he/she awakes to righteousness and repents, should not be limited in any way from entering into the full oracles of God because of the power of the blood.

No matter the gravity of the mistake or detour….no matter how heavily stained your conscience is…..there is something greater: the Blood of Jesus shed once and for all….and it has the mandate to purge. It has the power to cleanse. It has the ability to place the child of God at liberty to fulfill all the purposes of God!

Dear child of God! Embrace the workings of the blood of Jesus in your life today and be truly free to be all that God wants you to be!



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