1 John

Reflections on 1John 1:8 – Part 1

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
[I John 1:8]

I believe this verse calls for deep meditation and careful study.
What does He mean… “if we say we have no sin”?
What is Sin?

I believe there are three shades of definitions for “sin”. Today’s post highlights two of these three shades. Tomorrow’s post will conclude on this verse.

1. Sin the Nature.
The old man. The body of sin.
The spiritual nature inherited from Adam. (Romans 6)
Which nature, for the new creation, was destroyed by the death of Jesus Christ. Because the truth is when he died, I died! II Corinthians 5. Selah.
Therefore this verse can’t be talking about “sin the nature”.

2. Sin, our actions.
This goes without saying. That the new creation still commits actions, words or thoughts of sin. This sounds like what this verse is saying. If this is so, then it will not be absolutely true for all new creations.

For it cannot be conclusive that all children of God will not learn to walk in mastery over sin in this earthy sojourn. The very Apostle inspired to write these words illustrates this point very well. Selah.

However to conclude thus will also emphatically mean that no new creation man can ever walk in mastery over actions of sin. I believe that conclusion is not true. I believe that it is possible for the child of God to gain absolute mastery over “actions of sin” and keep them constantly subdued in righteousness. Selah.

Again, such a conclusion lacks contextual harmony with this epistle of I John. For in chapter 3 we will see that He that is born of God does not commit sin!

Therefore, we must conclude that this verse is not talking about sin- the actions, thoughts or words. Selah. If it is sin the actions, then its audience is protracted to only those still struggling to master sin. Selah….


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