1 John

Awakening to Every Truth in Christ – Part 2

 I John 1:6  If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:

Therefore we fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the light of the Word of Truth. We walk with God and imbibe fully His mind, His ways, His power and anointing! Our fellowshipping with God ultimately brings us into endowment of divine knowledge; which is the “how”, character and thought and words are indelibly transformed to fully express Christ! Selah

It is this “our fellowshipping with God” that makes us “light walkers”…we cease to walk in the darkness outside of Deity…we cease to lie. For if a person says He knows God and His Light and walks in darkness (i.e expresses thoughts, words and actions inconsistent with what God has said), he lies…and indeed does not know the truth! Selah

From this reality, we must acknowledge that all our infirmities and constant “falling short” of that which we see revealed in the Word is hinged to our “knowing of the Truth”. This sounds the awakening salvos. For the darkness can only be dispelled as we truly awaken to the truth….as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the Word.

I don’t really know a truth/reality if I am not walking in it.
I get to know reality when I awaken to the truth as communicated to my heart by the Holy Spirit…and walk consistent with it!

This is the reason I constantly fellowship with Him in the Word. That I may come to know all that is freely mine in Christ. That I may come to communicate the faith much more strongly as I reckon and awaken to every Truth in Christ!
See, Beloved! The gamut of this is almost inexhaustible!



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