1 John

Awakening to Every Truth in Christ – Part 1

 I John 1:6  If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:

Can we say we truly know God and walk in expressions of thought, word or actions inconsistent with His light?

Should we not reckon it highly unlikely for a person to truly see and know the Light of truth and walk “unyielded” to its influence?

Can a person truly know that God is!; and not be moved to submit to the sovereignty of His word?
Isn’t such a variance in posturing a blatant confession of the fact that such a person does not truly know God…has not truly awakened to the truth in Christ?
Is this not the infirmity underpinning all expressions of sin within Christendom?
Is this not the reason why the admonition was given to “awaken to righteousness and sin not”?

It is in the light of this verse that we come to discover what it truly means “to know”. Selah. For herein, we must acknowledge that a person does not truly know a reality if he cannot walk in thoughts, words and expressions consistent with that revelation of truth.

Herein lies the bedrock of the call to study and awaken to the full load of truth as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
Herein lies the power of “awakening to reality” as it is ministered by the Word of truth and the Holy Spirit…
Herein lies the need to cultivate the discipline and study of the scripture; for it is the truth known…discovered fully and awakened to entirely…that truly makes a person free to walk consistent with the revelations discovered.

Dear child of God, be filled with understanding!


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