this is the path….

If against the odds we row
With defiance our constant friend
Let us deny the adversary power to triumph
Let us say no to the force that seeks to take us captive against our will

Let us chant the victors creed
Let us sing the conqueror’s song
Let us be swell with hope and be light with the power of faith
Let us rest convinced of our certain victory against the odds in the name of Jesus

Let us stay our tempest torn hearts
Let us sing to it the melodies of hope in the harmonics of grace
For only upon the foundations of hope
can faith make the leap, on the word of promise, into the unknown

The sword of the Almighty carves a path through the storms
The lines keep falling in pleasant places through the conflagration
All things keep working together for good in the day of adversity
See! This is the path of the beloved child of God!



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