Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

…..all to the glory of Your Name

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for Grace abundant and mighty at work in our lives. We see your ability influencing every sphere we engage, therefore we rest assured in you…our lips abounding always in thanksgiving, praise and worship! We say- “You alone art Worthy!!” Our hearts have come to know very well!!

Thank you Holy Spirit! We acknowledge your Helping Ministry in us. We yield fully to your tutelage today. We submit to your Voice today. We exalt your Wisdom today. Thank you awesome Teacher for making us come alive to the full load of the divine oracles in Christ! Thank you for building us up unto perfection in Christ. You are glorious in our midst…we exalt you greatly!

We shine brightest to the glory of your name – today and always. We are the expression of your Love, Wisdom and Ability! We are your instruments of righteousness that establish your agenda in a place and time like this. We are your voice to a generation in dire need to hear you!

Thank you O Glorious Father, for such an opportunity to be ambassadors of your heavenly kingdom! We are propelled by your love…we are on fire with your zeal…we are on course to change this world for the glory of your name!

Thank you Mighty God!

In the Name of Jesus!



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