Beloved, dare to tell them!

Child of God,

Dare to take the hindrances off and minister Christ to your world! For many walk this world in need of your voice to testify of the power and kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many are broken and full of misery; having fallen into the brink of despair and are desperately bound in its unrelenting grip.

Dare to minister to your world…tell them,
It is only Jesus who can truly make you free!
It is only Jesus who can truly fill your heart with joy and purpose!
It is only Jesus who can bring to light true quintessential fulfillment in your life. Beloved, dare to tell them!

For then shall you see, right before your very eyes, the prevailing darkness dispelled and the light of liberty in Christ eternally lit.
Then shall you see beams of joy well up from the hidden wellspring in the hearts of many….as they come to embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ and be born again!

Then shall you hear laughter full of mirth…light with no burdens or lack…pervade all around them who hear and receive your witness and testimony of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ! And then shall you truly come to partake in the heart of our heavenly Father as you execute his mandate to make all men see!

Child of God! Purpose this in your heart and say to yourself:

I will be a preacher of the Word.
I will be a purveyor of heavens light as it is unveiled in the Lord Jesus Christ…
I will be a communicator of divine truth.
I will lift up men. I will heal the broken hearted. I will say to the depressed…rise up and shine! Jesus makes your burdens light.
I will say to the one lost in despair. …fear not! Hope is here. Hope is real. Jesus is our hope.

Beloved, see! What a wondrous life we have come to embrace in our union with the First Born.



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