It would seem….

It would seem we are presently bombarded by the appeals of sensuality at every turn. It would seem that it constantly nags us and seeks for us to give it the most heed. It would seem the most “glorified” theme greatly exalted in today’s so called modern world…in its music and popular culture. Selah

Therein, we find an unsuspecting platform for a massive intrusion by the forces of darkness into the inner sanctum of the souls of men. We find an enchanting spell…binding to paralysis through the agency of the senses and the medium of the imagination…molding men to be paralyzed and ultimately unable to respond to the spiritual reality of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. Selah

Men willingly caught in the darkness; trapped in the web weaved by the archfiend Lucifer himself. Selah. All it takes is ears unrestrained and eyes willing to see…eyes uncovenanted…and hearts improperly postured for lack of revelation into the Word of His Grace.

Then blind men fall into the pits dug for their decimation. The panoramic view is most poignant in its pathos… “a rendezvous of broken humanity!” Puppets wittingly enslaved by their quest to satisfy raging needs in a world under the influence of darkness.



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