1 John

The first Epistle of John – O such glorious refreshing!

It goes without saying that much of what the Holy Spirit inspired through St. John is full of mysteries; towards which many are yet to awaken. From the gospel of John to His epistles and then to the Apocalypse…it would seem the idiosyncratic signature watermarked in all His inspired writings is the mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ…the mystery of His church and kingdom.

It takes one to be schooled in the esoteric language and discerning of prophecy and spiritual utterances to fully understand all the inspired writ of St. John the Divine. This carries no exception with regards this book of First John.

The Church – corporately, and its individual members must make a commitment to the Lordship of His sovereign Word. The times call for the maturity of the sons of God and this in turn can only be realized as the sons of God give themselves unreservedly to the deep things that make the soundless depths of the Living Word. O such glorious refreshing!

Let the church awaken to the reality that of all revelations given to us…inspired by the breath of Almighty God…all of it, with no exception, is vital for our perfection in Christ. All of Scripture…in all its detailed punctuation is relevant and necessary for our coming to maturity in Christ. Selah

Granted then that we have realized these principles as sublime, and the fiat of our King, let us engage our minds in fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the light of His Word…let us study constantly as good and unashamed workmen…let us keep our lights burning and our lamps filled with oil. Let us study the volumes of His Word. Study! Herein is the crux of our training in the school of the Spirit. Selah

May our eyes be opened to see in His Light.
May our spiritual senses be quickened to discern and walk in the maturity of Wisdom as we give ourselves to exploring the deep in this Book.




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