1 John

A journey through soundless depth of Truth…

The need for the full weight of truth to be ministered to the children of God is particularly highlighted in this generation. Surrounded by the increasing influence of darkness, walking on the turbulent waters of trials and tribulation…constantly pressed down but never defeated, there is without an iota of doubt an earnest need for the entire body of Christ to be schooled into the fullness and soundless depths of Truth.

To the end that we may walk even more victorious in His name…that we may be even more fruitful in executing His divine agenda today…that we may be even more prepared and built up rightly to meet His advent…Selah

Unto the execution of such a task, we are blessed to have the glorious ministry of the Holy Spirit as Teacher; as well as the offices of prophets and teachers. The heavenly vision remains that we all may come into the fullness of the Truth and outwardly express the firstborn in our thoughts, actions and words. Glory to God!

Against this backdrop, we thank God that we have been particularly stirred to consider the truths writ in the Epistle of St. John the Divine; in particular the first epistle – this first book of John.

Dear Reader, “gird the loins of your heart” and be prepared to receive Grace that always comes with the revelation of Christ in the light of His Word. May you find the “rhema” you need to be built up and positioned rightly in Christ as you continue to walk the course of faith in this turbulent world we live in. May His Grace continue to be stronger in you…for you…and through you.



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