My burning desire….

Seeing Christ has indeed made us free, let us proceed to soar highest in our new found liberty. Let us bask fully in the infinite limits of the peace and liberty we have with God in Christ. Selah

Here I say, let us take the heavenly visions and pursue them until they become reality. Let us truly break free from every limitation of fear and uncertainty…let us rise with the power of Christ beneath our wings and circumscribe the sphere of  knowledge,  power and influence even to His Glory.

Let us tap deep into the fountain of Wisdom to which we are connected and be the philosophers of our generation – uniting the twin blades of faith and reason into monolithic oneness. 

Let us be the problem solvers of our generation – skillfully merging the miraculous power of the risen Lord with scientific technique and unleashing a tirade of solutions – spiritual and physical – that will minister to and bring satisfaction to the both kinds of man in our world today.

Let us be the generation that defines and practically demonstrates the singularity sphere of reality and knowledge in Jesus Christ…we shall bring the solution to the conundrum seemingly great minds have battled with for eons. We shall do so by the power of the Holy Spirit…revealing to us light…causing us to see in Him who is hid all the treasures of Wisdom and knowledgeSelah

This is my burning desire for this generation. This is the invitation to be schooled into the depths of the Oracles of YHWH and then translate that wisdom into myriad practical and tangible expressions that the whole world may know…that they may see…that they may not be able to resist the spirit of wisdom and power operating in us! Glory to God!

This calls for discipline on our path. Let us rise above the petty mundane humdrum themes of this present life that seems to preoccupy our attention…and let us pursue the heavenly visions that shall take us into the most glorious planes of spiritual revelation in Christ…and of heavenly wisdom and greatest intellectual enlightenment in Christ….and then let us share the treasures of truth we discover on our explorations, with this fallen world in direst need of Heaven’s Light. 



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