The time has come!

Walk on Water!

Who desires to stop being a victim to the assaults and vicissitudes of this world?
Who wishes to lift many out of the dark realms of victim-hood’s clutches?
Who wishes to make impact in his lifetime and see the legacy of his name writ in eternity…with the heavenly stars?
Who wishes to truly live…to be truly alive and brimming with zeal and purpose?

I invite such a one to the school of water walkers.
I invite you to the instruction of divinity…to the world of limitless possibilities!
Who has said the physical world is all there is?

Who said there is bitter dichotomy between the word of faith and the mind of reason?

Who said God is not reasonable and indeed the father of all reason?

Let the ignorant cease to pout folly!
The time has come for the instructed to instruct and the confabulations of pseudo thinkers to be put to naught!
Who will stand with Him?
Who will go for Him?

I have heard the swelling cry!
I have seen the thundering forth of the zealous throngs!
God be our helper!
We shall walk on water and make this generation see the power and wisdom and might of the risen King and Lord!



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