…be all that He says we are!

Walk on Water!
Ours is to walk on water. To defy the odds. To break the chains of irrational conventions. To question the norms and conventions that have held sway for generations and bring them into the Lordship of Jesus Christ! Ours is to be the trailblazers and dare doers of our times; to say yes when everyone thinks nay. To say possible when everyone shouts impossible! Ours is the mandate to defy the odds and bring them into the dizzying proximity of reachable and graspable….to the common man.

To this end we are trained constantly by the Helper. To walk in the ways of the divine order; to be all that He says we are! We are trained of Him to walk the tempest tossed watery paths of the raging storms and see the prevailing winds tamed by our words…and see the approaching darkness dispelled by the power of the kings light burning brightest in our hearts!

We are set into tribulation that we should come out unspotted…therefore we walk through the fire and it does not touch us…we walk through the waters and they cannot swallow us…we run though troops…we jump walls of impressive heights…we bring conquering adversity to its knees before us…we are called to walk on water!



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