The fear of the Lord – Part 4 of 4

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Let us speak to the scientist, the politician, the civil servant, the business man.
Let us speak to all society! Let us tell them: “embrace the reality of God and begin to think, talk and function consistent with Truth. God is!”

For all of us cannot acknowledge this and continue to walk in the path of injustice and corruption. How can we? How can a person truly awaken to the reality of the Judge of the whole earth and continue to keep his feet in the crooked paths of injustice. How inconceivable that will be!

How can a person know for sure that the arrows of the King’s Justice always find their mark….in this life or the next; and continue to walk in hubris, vanity and thievery?

How can a person know man in the light of who he is in God and continue to lie, steal, cheat, manipulate and denigrate this man who is the image of the invisible God?

How can a person know that God is and continue to value stones and fossil products and avarice above the life of a fellow man? Impossible! It is impossible to really know that God is and walk in these crooked paths of darkness. Selah.

Anyone one who bathes in the light shall step out and cause the darkness to flee. He will become a blazing light himself…breaking asunder the chains of injustice and inequity and avarice. He will become a true voice of the Voiceless….a champion of mankind…..God’s kind of person!

How much of a deficit we have in God’s kind of persons in our world today!
It would seem almost certain that the majority of the leading men and women today are deficient in those heavenly attributes that ennoble a man with God’s wisdom, zeal and strength. Let this be cause for prayer.

O that our world will truly be filled with the Wisdom of God…O that heavens ideals, principles and objectives shall be the inspiration of our society today…

O that God will be truly exalted in the light of the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Glory to God!

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