The fear of the Lord – Part 3 of 4

For he must be irrational, the one who has looked at the creation of God and said to himself, the very reflection of Deity, that there is no God! He condemns himself to lies. He strips away from himself the one person who is his Glory. He sets himself on the path of the evil man…he becomes a fool.

Estranged on the rocks away from Wisdom. Doomed in the darkness of himself. For you see, there is no Light but One. To deny the Light is to condemn yourself into darkness. Light is the bringer of truth…which is reality… which is the producer of knowledge. Cast yourself out of the light and knowledge shall slave you in the caves ruled by darkness. Selah

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Let us call for a change in the name of Jesus!
Let us speak to all peoples of the world…
Let us tell them to embrace the reality of God as He is unveiled in Jesus Christ and begin to think, talk and function consistently.

Let us be the vessels of Wisdom and put ourselves on the thoroughfares and highways of this life; proclaiming at the top of our Voices the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us tell the simple man, come be sophisticated in Christ…let us tell all peoples until all the world has His Words of Grace writ with light upon their hearts.

Glory to God!



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