What is the fear of the Lord? – Part 1 of 4

Today, we begin a four part post on “The fear of the Lord”. We trust you will be blessed as we inscribe the light of His Word on our hearts…

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. [Proverbs 1:7]

What is the fear of the Lord?

The word connotes a strong sense of respect, reverence and piety as due a deity. It means a respect for God as the Creator. He is the author of all that is in our world. Any pilgrimage into knowledge must start by first acknowledging him. This is vital instruction.

It is necessary at this point to make this remark; this lack of respect and absolute denial of the reality of the person and endowments of the Lord has formed all of the world’s current outlook. This is especially highlighted in the sciences where the prevailing philosophies undergirding all ideas and enquiry is that “the physical world is all there is”.

This false premise has proven the bane of our race…our very destruction. Although it stands as a premise easily dismissable in the face of logic, it has taken on a rooting in our world today of such depths that it is no wonder for spirit filled men to say that it is verily the planted seed of the prince of darkness himself.

No wonder the world today is a striking collage of irrationality. For you see it everywhere you go… so called precious stones are counted more valuable than the life of a man. How it is that greed, avarice and licentiousness rule in the hearts of political and economic leaders resulting in the creation of systems that are monsters in themselves; trampling upon the heavenly ideals of justice, equity and wisdom.

How it is that money has become the chief goal and god of many. Mammon is the god of this age. Many live their entire lives in its service. Their dreams, desires and pursuits are inspired, founded and fulfilled in the sacrilegious halls of Mammons Temples. What irrationality?!

Look and you will see how it is many live for the moment. Wrongly convinced that life is an event…lived just once. How irrational! For life as it is here and now….is no event. It is a path. A path we must choose wisely seeing that there are many paths…seeing that the path of the “strange woman” is littered with false evidences of security and concealed traps of destruction.

The wise man should hear and be instructed into Life!



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