1 Peter · Poesy

Let the kiss of love reign!

Greet one another with a kiss of love. Peace to all of you who are in Christ. Amen. [1 Peter 5:14]

There is a bond truly beautiful
That binds the heavenly brethren
It is sigil of the house of the first born
woven into the hearts of them alive in Him

There is a kiss of heaven
The sweet breath of divinity on anointed lips
The brethren carry this unction
ministering same in the circle of fellowship

There is the seal of Agape
Love unquenchable; upon our hearts…upon our arms
Impossible to drown in the raging floods of this world
True lifting power – Always stirring up to celestial heights

Let us see the kiss of love reign
In the midst of the peculiar people
even the strangers of the city of Zion
yea, let the kiss of heaven reign truly

Let the brethren bestow the same on one another
Let it always be the salutation of the kingdom people
Let it be the sign of unity and peace
See! we greet one another with a holy kiss!










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